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A Unique Opportunity

  • A Science Based Approach

    Two of the top minds in their respected fields, Cornell Jenkins & Dr. Rob has laid out a proven easy to follow system that is backed by years of experience & scientific principles. Experience a high level of teaching that shows you how to tap into your athleticism safely and efficiently.

  • Athleticism

    We know how frustrating injuries can be, especially while trying to get more athletic. Each of the programs are designed to help you increase your athleticism safely, without pain. If you have knee pain, ankle pain, even foot pain.. don't worry. We got you! Our programs all begin with the foundation. Now you can get healthy and enhance your athleticism at the same time.

  • Video Playback

    We know how tough following online programs can be. So to make sure things are clear and easy to follow, each exercise is accompanied with a video that throughly explains its execution. Feel free to move at your own pace. The better you master the movement, the greater results you will get.


  • Who is the Super Athlete Academy for?

    The Super Athlete Academy is for anyone looking to enhance their athleticism safely and get rid of pain. We've tailored the workouts for athletes that may be just beginning their journey and the professional looking to get better. All ages. All skill levels.

  • I'm a 15 year old athlete, with really bad knee pain, but I want to dunk. Where do I start?

    Good question. If you have knee pain and want to jump higher off two feet, you could either start with the Bulletproof Knee Formula or Two Footed Flight Formula. Regardless of your skill level or age, both programs have a foundational component built in at the beginning. However, the Flight Formula progress to more intense loading and jumping in the subsequent weeks.

  • How long until I see results?

    Results usually vary depending on the athlete. However, we've seen many athletes experience instant pain relief with our methods & gain a few inches within 30 days.

  • How long is my subscription good for?

    Each of our programs can be purchased for a one-time yearly price or you can get access to ALL of our current programs and also future programs for $49.99 per month. No Contract. Cancel anytime.

  • What if I have a program request?

    Maybe you have an injury or want to develop a certain athletic skill, feel free to send us an email to to let us know so that we can possibly accommodate with a program.